Larry the Chihuahua

There are those among the K-9 species that possess more “humanly” traits.  Those traits combined with their instinctive animal behavior allow them to see and interact with the world around them in a profoundly superior way.  These are the diaries of one such K-9 a K-9 known as LARRY.




My name is Larry, I enjoy walks on the beach, warm sweaters, and participation dances.  Just kidding!  I’m not a fan of any of those things (except the warm sweaters…I do have quite the collection).  My friends would describe me as compassionate, loyal, courageous and ninja like (not sure exactly what that means but sounds super cool).  Seriously like 3 people have called me that.   I’m also a huge college football fan, so I love spending my Saturdays barking obscenities at the television.  GO BLUE!  




More seriously, life hasn’t always been all warm blankets and soft couches.  The truth is I’m a rescue.  I spent about 4 months at the local humane society before my family and I found each other.  Life is great now but being in 4 different homes before my stint at the humane society left me wondering if I’d ever find my forever home.  I never did give up hope though and as it turns out neither did the family that was searching for a tiny, yet mighty, companion to share their home and love.


This site is not only a place where I proudly post pictures of all the adorable things I do on my Blog, it is also a place where I give feedback on products I use; be it food, clothing, toys, treats or grooming.  So make sure to check out the Stuff I Like page.


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  • PepiSmartDog

    Hi Larry, love your video and your clothing selection.
    I am a like-minded dog – I to had a collection of outfits which I LOVED wearing.
    And I was a golden-oldie rescue, so I know what you mean about being a rescue.
    So glad you found such a great forever family who love you very much.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    I always appreciate you talking time to join our hop and enjoy reading your posts. *waves paw* :=o)
    (PS: please keep joining our blog hop; it took me ages to get comments – and I was the host! BOL!! Eventually pals will start doing it. Lots of times they read post but forget to comment.) Hee Hee!

  • RascalandRocco

    Glad you did find your forever home. Off to visit your blog. Thanks for joining the Pet Parade! You’ll get more views if you join on Fridays when a new one starts, but your welcome to join any day that works for you!

  • Larry Chihuahua

    Thanks for the visit and the tip, RascalandRocco! I plan on joining the Pet Parade often.

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    Hola Larry! Happy Thoughtless Thursday :)